Gak  Yamada

Gak started out in photography during collage, while traveling around the world with a camera and being absorbed in listening to and performing the music such as blues and jazz. Meanwhile, he made a trip to India and Nepal for six months for exploring his growing concern to Buddism. After coming back from the trip, he began to experience a vision of a flood of colours engulfing him, which made him give up photography and work on painting. While working in a car factory, construction and archaeological site, he continued to paint intensively for next seven years, until he fell in a creative slump.


While having a break from the creative activity, he encountered the legendary photo book of Daido Moriyama Bye Bye, Photography, which attempted to break down all forms and ideas of photography. Being stunned and absolutely enthralled by Daido’s work, he also became fascinated by the great artists such as Francis Bacon and Gerhard Richter for whose artworks photography plays an important role. Inspired by their works, and years after his obsessive quest, he found a space which opens up immense potentialities on the border between painting and photography, which opened up a new vision in resuming his creation. He currently works on the theme of light and colour, sound and silence, exploring the artworks incorporating image, music and word.


As a part of his creative practice, for over ten years, he engages in organising the concerts of Randy Weston and Abdullah Ibrahim at Kamigamo shrine in Kyoto (a world heritage-listed shrine). A deep spiritual communion with these jazz giants has a tremendous impact on his art. Besides, Buddhism and spiritual heritage of India continues inspiring a core part of his practice – the teaching of Buddha variously developed in Japan including Zen, and the teaching of Ramana Maharshi which he encountered in India.

1973年 愛媛県生まれ。